UPGRADE Institutions

UPGRADE gathers together leading European and an American scientist in field of precision gene therapy. Together, this consortium has the unique expertise to create innovative tools to expand efficacy and safety of gene targeting technologies, convert viral-vectors to specifically target cell types and decreased immunogenicity of novel AMP. The participants of UPGRADE have been selected from across… Continue reading UPGRADE Institutions


Gene therapies

In recent years, gene therapy has shown a remarkable potential to offer definitive treatments for otherwise incurable diseases. By the end of 2017, seven gene therapy products have reached the market and many more are entering clinical testing. These recent successes are largely attributable to incremental step-wise improvements in the efficiency and safety of delivery tools, the most… Continue reading Gene therapies


Gene editing

Targeted engineering of the human genome opens up an enormous number of new research opportunities and therapeutic possibilities. We are just at the beginning of the “age of genome editing” and we have already witnessed the amazing potential of these technologies to transform research, making possible to design and execute an unprecedented arrays of experimental studies, and attract… Continue reading Gene editing