WP11 – Communication, stakeholders engagement, dissemination and exploitation

WP11 Through the 5-years duration of the project, specific actions will be carried out to ensure an effective stakeholder engagement:

1) create a network of researchers working in genome editing, vector delivery, immune evasion related to vector applying these therapies in models of muscle, hematopoietic, retinal and liver diseases, by means of proactive set of actions to transfer the scientific knowledge;

2) ensure the use of the technology platform to produce tailored genome editing toolboxes, through scientific publications;

3) ensure the effective knowledge transfer to early-career researchers, especially during the fourth and last year of the project, when two workshops and summer schools will be organized;

4) disseminate the results of the project to the largest audience possible (both specialists and non-specialists), including industry, decision makers (from the local to the EU Commission and government level), and citizens (WP10 and 11).


Task 11.1: Dissemination plan
Task 11.2: Internal Communication
Task 11.3: E-UPGRADE
Task 11.4: Public engagement
Task 11.5: Open Access scientific papers
Task 11.6: Exploitation strategy



WP leader: Graciana Diez-Roux (FTELE)

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