WP10 – Management and Scientific coordination

This WP incorporates duties covering all aspects of project monitoring, reporting, financial and contractual administration, ensuring proper communication within the consortium and implementing the project’s governance and decision-making structures.

Specific WP’s objectives:

  1. The efficient and effective management of the UPGRADE project through the implementation of the project’s governance and decision-making structures
  2. The effective communications both internal (within the consortium) and external (liaison with the European Commission and third parties)
  3. That the work and tasks are completed on time, within budget and according to high quality standards
  4. That the contractual, project management and financial aspects of UPGRADE are carried out in an efficient, transparent and correct manner and in accordance with European Commission rules
  5. The proper care of all ethical issues


  • Task 10.1: Financial and contractual management
  • Task 10.2: Monitoring and Reporting
  • Task 10.3: Organization of events
  • Task 10.4: Data management plan
  • Task 10.5: Ethical issues



WP leader: Luigi Naldini (FTELE)

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